Custom Software Solutions

A few of our software projects....

  • ROAST - Three Dimensional Reservoir Simulation Model
    A three phase finite-difference fluid flow simulator. This model is used to evaluate and predict the performance of oil and gas reservoirs.

  • XPLOT/VGRID - Three Dimension Visualization System
    Used to display and interpret output of a multi-phase fluid flow simulator. The simulator is used to evaluate and forecast the performance of oil and gas reservoirs.

  • MONITOR - Well Monitoring System
    This system monitors the status of 150 natural gas storage wells, records and reports gas and water flow rate parameters, and raises alarms on abnormal conditions. Using networked remote microprocessors, the wells are linked to the control room using radio modems.

  • TSM - Thermal Transport Simulator
    Predicts temperature response of heated materials, used to evaluate results of infrared thermal imaging for non-destructive testing.

  • SLOG - Sonic Log Interpretative Tool
    Interprets raw output of the directional sonic logging tool, integrates readings to obtain wall profile and volumes of underground LNG storage caverns.

  • PAL - Portable Automated Mud Logger
    This device monitors penetration rate, calculates circulating lag time, and detects the presence of hydrocarbons while drilling oil and gas wells. The device can be monitored and data downloaded via cellular phone link.

  • LPLOT - Mudlog Creation Software
    This program downloads raw data from the Portable Automatic Mud Logger and allows the geologist to integrate penetration rate, hydrocarbon gas readings, and lithological descriptions into a presentation quality mud log. The log may be delivered directly to the client via cellular modem or the Internet.

  • AWID - Orbiter Window Inspection Software
    This software interprets high-resolution polariscope images to locate and measure micrometeorite impact damage on space shuttle orbiter windows.

  • SURDA - Surface Defect Analyzer
    This device measures small surface defects in a variety of materials using structured light microscopy. SURDA is used by NASA to inspect space shuttle components.

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